Greg Barnsdale’s Recently Published Book

 Do Not Ignore Your Mortality’

Practical Advice
From A Funeral & Financial Insider’

Do Not Forget Your Mortality


Do Not Ignore Your Mortality
​Practical Advice From a Funeral & Financial Insider

This message is the result of immense frustration. I have worked in and around death a long time. Too many people don’t want to talk about their mortality yet doing so has several significant benefits. I understand it’s a delicate subject, but this desperately needs to be said, and ultimately to improve. Planning ahead properly is not complicated. The hardest part is talking about what you want to happen. Your desire to plan needs to be as strong as your love of family. Plan while you can. You’ll be glad you did. So will those you care about.

My recent brain tumour diagnosis and prompt surgery certainly rounded out my experience.


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