Greg Barnsdale’s Recently Published Book

 Do Not Ignore Your Mortality’

Practical Advice
From A Funeral & Financial Insider’

Welcome to the access page for the Canadian
Institute of Certified Executor Advisors.

A complimentary excerpt from Barnsdale’s book is being made available to you here.

As a Certified Executor Advisor you are keenly aware of the numerous advantages of having one’s affairs in proper order before a death occurs. My book and overall message has been strategically created to help people like you engage more clients.

My extensive and varied experience combined with the teachings of a Dragon have resulted in a powerful message which directly relates to every Certified Executor Advisor. It’s a gripping message that is inspiring people from all walks of life to do what they should for those they love most, while they have the opportunity. Being diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumour two months after publication has made my message even more timely.

It’s a short read targeted toward everyday Canadians to inspire engagement. It even includes some humour, believe it or not.

Feel free to save and share this excerpt. Rather than attempting to print it, you should consider buying the book.

 Barnsdale’s book is available for purchase from several
retailers and is available in various formats.

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volume orders of only 11 books (directly from the author).
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